Tips For Dealing With Annoying Insects

The world is filled with insects.  For the most part, they are helpful creatures that go and remove the dead waste from our planet, so it doesn’t overwhelm us.  When something dies, flies and other insects will find the bodies and lay their eggs. These eggs will then hatch and start to consume the flesh of these dead animals.  This is a good thing and one that should be encouraged.  However, we have insects that just seem to be pests.  The top on the list are mosquitoes.  In order to prevent these insects from bothering us, many people are seeking out mosquito control services in Fairfax for help.

Mask your scent

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As humans we put out a lot of odors and smells that we as humans can’t smell but animals and insects can.  The mosquito can smell us when we sweat, drink alcohol or otherwise change our blood chemistry.  This is why we want to do things that will mask our scent.

You can do this by burning fire.  Fire will create a barrier of smoke that mosquitoes and other insects don’t like.  This smoke can come from candles, torches or even a fire.  When using fire and flames to mask your scent, ensure that you are careful and responsible.

Wear light clothing

You want to wear light clothing to avoid mosquitoes.  Since light clothing refracts light it is a deterrent to mosquitoes.  When you wear black or dark clothing, the light and heat are absorbed into the clothing making you a target for these creatures. 

Stay inside

One of the best things that you can do is avoid them all together.  You can do this by staying inside or staying in an environment that is screened in.  If you stay inside ore are behind a barrier that they can’t enter, then you will be safe and won’t have to deal with these creatures.