Key Areas People Want In A Bathroom Remodel

There is nothing better than freshening up an old outdated space in our homes.  Over time, spaces will become old, worn out and simply dirty.  To help bring life back into these spaces you will want to consider bathroom remodeling in orlando, fl

Tear out the old

Yu want to tear out all of the old materials in your bathroom down to the studs.  The reason for this is that you can now go and do any repairs that have been overdue or overlooked for years.  Typically in a bathroom we will want to replace rotting floor beams as well as plywood floors.  Once you tear out the old down to the studs, you have the ability to rework the footprint, making the room larger if desired.

Fix plumbing

The next thing that you want to do is fix the plumbing.  If your house is really old, you may have lead pipes.  You will want to replace these with more modern copper or plastic pipes.  You will also want to see if there are any leaks that need to be repaired.

Install new appliances

You will want to install a new toilet, shower, vanity, mirrors, lighting the works.  If you are going to dive into a remodel you want to make it look totally different than what you had before.  This will also allow you to get more energy efficient items such as low flow shower heads, walk in tubs, double sinks and so much more. 

New colors and fixtures

bathroom remodeling in orlando, fl

Finally, you will be able to get new tiles in different colors.  You can get better lighting and even install a skylight or other lighting options.  When you do a full tear you and rebuild you are limited by very little.  This will also give you total creative control to make sure your bathroom fits you and your style.